Bike&Boat Travel 

Our fantastic cultural odyssey to the most remote regions of Ghana, Togo and Benin to discover lost tribal worlds ruled by traditional chiefs and ancient spirits.
Along the coast, in the heart of voodoo original regions we encounter practitioners, watch trance-dances and learn about the great influence voodoo spirits still have on people.
Heading inland from the forest to the savannah, we discover the Taneka tribe on a rocky mountain, the Somba with their fairy-tale clay adobe castles, then an intriguing witches’ village and finally, we enter the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi forests.
We end our tour exploring the former Gold Coast, with the largest European castles in Africa; centuries remain of gold and slave trade.
Indeed, the most complete and spectacular way to discover West Africa rich patrimony of Tribes, Kingdoms, festivals, and ceremonies
For travellers who want to get acquainted with this unique region … and love Africa!